"CCPB is engaged in introducing the ‘Federbio Integrity Platform’ for the grain trade in Italy, linking real time certification with supply chain data for effectively fighting fraud. We will support Organic Services in lifting these efforts with Check Organic to the global level."

Fabrizio Piva, CEO, CCPB, Italy

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Enhancing Organic Integrity

Check Organic is a real-time worldwide source of certification data. It is an information hub for increasing transparency and organic integrity and is thus a valuable tool for preventing fraud.

Check Organic offers a real-time technical solution by linking and displaying certification data with the flow of goods along the supply chain.

Check Organic search and services complement organic certification, as well as companies’ sourcing and quality assurance systems.


Why should a certification body join Check Organic?

  • Check Organic will strengthen the reputation and relevance of CBs, and offers renumaration
  • Online verification of certification data is quick and easy.
  • CBs can rely on simple and safe data handling.


 "As the largest organic certifier in Ukraine, we offer our clients and their customers the best possible service to safeguard Ukrainian organic quality and go beyond the legal standard. Therefore, we decided to join Check Organic and share our certification data. The integrity platform Check Organic perfectly complements organic inspections. Quantities and qualities in the supply chain, especially in the international movement of goods, can be verified with the certification data. Buyers and traders can perform plausibility checks in real-time and in advance of receipt of goods with the data in Check Organic. In the interest of producers, buyers and consumers, our common goal is to secure the best possible way to safeguard the integrity of organic products."

Sergiy Galashevskyy, CEO of Organic Standard, Ukraine

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Your name carries a promise – we help you keep it!

 Check Organic facilitates supply chain integrity solutions to

  • Increase customer trust in your brand
  • Achieve greater transparency
  • Reduce unexpected hiccups
  • Ultimately save time and money

Find out about the many different functionalities to enhance supply chain integrity featuring internal audit and compliance management.


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About Check Organic

Your name carries a promise – we help you keep it!

·         Increase customer trust in your brand

·         Achieve greater transparency

·         Reduce unexpected hiccups

·         Ultimately save time and money

Check Organic is a cloud-based supply chain integrity solution that brings together organic certification and supply chain data.

Keying in on these two datasets brings greater transparency to organic supply chains and is unique to Check Organic.

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