Benefits for processing and trading companies

Less work. More time for generating revenue.

  • Reduces your legwork to secure your supply chain by automatically updating the information you need to make solid decisions
  • Eliminates the need to contact certifiers for your suppliers' certification information and the additional costs this incurs

Stay informed. Make the right decisions.

  • Immediate knowledge of any potential certification status changes and discrepancies in your supply chain(s)

Strengthen your trust in your suppliers.

  • Eliminates the need to handle paper certificates and mitigates certificate fraud

What you need to know in one location.

  • Centralises certification and supply chain data

Get a good handle on your audits.

  • Prepares you for audits and reporting requirements at any tim

Better manage your own internal audits

  • Can reduce your risk profile and possibly reduce inspection frequency 

 Keep your supply chain secure and brand strong.

  • Enhances supply chain integrity of individual supply chain(s) (data networking) including automated change notifications
  • Significantly lessens brand damage and product recalls from integrity issues

Keep your promises with Check Organic

Check Organic provides you with the types of solutions you need to enhance your organic supply chain integrity in real time and on a global scale. Its different functionalities give you the flexibility to choose the solutions that best fit your needs.

Check Organic works to maintain supply chain integrity on two levels:

1) Certification level -

Certification data is stored in Check Organic and comes directly from the certifiers themselves, who ensure its accuracy

2) Supply chain level - The movement of goods along the supply chain is documented, both statically and dynamically. Supply chain integrity can be enhanced by modelling supply chains (a static approach) and by documenting product movements via transactions along the supply chain (a dynamic approach).

Check Organic serves as a data bridge between you, your suppliers and certifiers.

Check Organic offers you a more streamlined way to do business, but more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your transparency. 

Meeting your needs for organic supply chain integrity is our goal. We work one-on-one with you to find a solution that can help increase your control for supply chain risk, your market position and finally your profitability. Your savings could potentially equal 60% of the time you spend managiing supply chain certifications and related tasks annually.

Read more about product and brand integrity with Check Organic.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in individual solutions for your company.

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Check Organic is a cloud-based supply chain integrity solution by Organic Services that brings together organic certification and supply chain data, enhancing supply chain integrity. Watch our 1-minute video and see how our Check Organic exposes criminals and fraudsters who want to get an undeserved piece of the organic market cake.

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