Technical Concept

Certification bodies (CBs) around the globe all work with a data management system that vary according to structure and systematic approach. Some CBs use simple excel tables or access applications developed in-house, while others use professional SQL-based database solutions. Ecert is the only globally available commercial database solution specifically developed to serve the needs of certification bodies. Developed by Intact GmbH, it is now used by a significant number of certification bodies globally.

Ecert is a database-driven audit management and CRM Software. It is a modular, multi-lingual software for online and off-line (audits) use by certification and accreditation bodies. It supports both the internal and external processes associated with auditing any quality standard. As a multi-client database Ecert handles the entire workflow, from assignment of inspections to issuing certificates or authorisations. It documents all processes at each stage of the inspection and certification process, e.g. non-compliances and measures, timekeeping and administration of certification status. Ecert is equally effective for process and product certification. Industry-specified data (agriculture, food, building materials, etc.) can be collected in detail. Ecert’s feature-rich and user-friendly environment allows clients to continually improve their efficiency and productivity. Ecert is not only used by CBs but also by standard owners and accreditation bodies to gather certification data and monitor the certificates.

Check Organic builds on an Ecert standard functionality for the collection and publication of certification data. Any certifier can communicate data to Check Organic either via a web service (automated for professional data management systems), excel upload (manually or automated) or web portal for direct data entry. However, Ecert is not a prerequisite for participating in Check Organic.


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