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Our international strategy and business consultancy Organic Services draws on more than 30 years of experience in the (organic) food industry. With our newsletter, we regularly provide critical analyses of trends and developments in the organic sector and beyond. We give you insights into fais, conferences and congresses that we've been to around the globe, and update you on relevant projects and partnerships. Furthermore, you can find news on our integrity solution that aim at creating more sustainability and transparency along supply chains.

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Integrity Insider April 2021

  • New project: DIGICHECK
  • The future of organic audits and inspections
  • Who can use Check Organic?
  • Do we fit in a nuthsell?

Integrity Insider February 2021 - BIOFACH eSPECIAL

  • Congress Event on Integrity
  • Roundtables Check Organic
  • Roundtable INTACT
  • Roundtables Ecert Basic
  • Roundtables Group Integrity
  • New video: get to know us!

Integrity Insider at the turn of 20/21

  • Editorial: What a rough ride!
  • BIOFACH and VIVANESS go digital!
  • EU endagers livelihoods of farmers in developing countries
  • Thinking ahead: we dive into Space and the Internet of Things
  • Fraud in the organic cotton industry
  • German law on fair supply chains
  • Short Supply Chains are the future!
  • New Check Organic Website

Integrity Insider Summer Edition 2020

  • Fraud jumps to new heights amid Corona crisis
  • Will COVID19 push digitalisation to the next level?
  • The ups and downs of international organic trade
  • GIS data integration with Check Organic
  • EU farm to fork strategy
  • Intact Mobile App
  • Face the Climate Emergency
  • Article on Group Certification

BIOFACH Special: Integrity Insider March 2020

  • BIOFACH 2020: Our Integrity Review

  • NOP Strengthening Organic Enforcement Rule

  • GfRS and IOAS call for performance

  • The OTA Organic Fraud Prevention Guide

  • What is wrong? CERES's perspectice

  • Eurofins: know your supply chain!

  • YACAO: best practice in digitalisation

  • Certification and Integrity for Russia, Vornezh Region

  • Organic Inegrity: our partnerships and alliances

  • Food Authenticity Network features article on Check Organic

  • Man indicated in $71 million organic fraud

Integrity Insider February 2020

  • See you at BIOFACH 2020

  • Food Integrity Project Results

  • Smart Short Supply Chains

  • Organic Services presents New Websites

  • Honestfood Campaign

  • Food Fraud Conference Denmark

Integrity Insider August 2019

  • Customer Insights: Are Ecert Basic or Group Integrity the right tool for you?

  • Eco-minded consumers demand more transparency

  • Intact Summit 2019

  • OPSON VIII: is this the way to target fraud with organics in the EU?

  • Exposing food fraud(sters) with Check Organic

Integrity Insider May 2019

  • BIOFACH 2019

  • GFSI Conference

  • The EU organic control system requires further improvement

  • Science Slam: fighting food fraud

Integrity Insider February 2019

  • Win a free implementation

  • Learn from MAYACERT - an Ecert Basic user

  • Learn from Yacao - a Group Integrity user

  • See you at BIOFACH

Integrity Insider January 2019

  • See you at BIOFACH

  • Win a free implementation

  • New Release Ecert Basic and Group Integrity

  • New Client Yacao

  • New Client COrAA

  • New Release Check Organic

  • Check Organic Now in Russian

  • FoodIntegrity Project Coming to a Close

  • Dynamic Supply Chain Lists

Integrity Insider May 2018

  • New Group Integrity Client Bio4Ever

  • New Ecert Basic Client EKOINSPEKT

  • Group Integrity at the World Cocoa Conference

  • Managing Supplier Lists with Check Organic

  • Organic Services Visit to Mayacert

Integrity Insider March 2018

  • The organic label is a promise. We help you keep it. Interested?

  • Let’s meet at Expo West!

Integrity Insider February 2018

  • Organic Services at BIOFACH 2018

  • Improving integrity - a lot has happened in 2017

  • ACA Traceability Working Group (NOP Accrdited Certifiers Association)

  • OTA - Global Organic Supply Chain Integrity Task Force

  • USDA NOP 4031

  • Odessa Conference - Improving Integrity of Organic Supply Chains

  • Organic World Congress, New Delhi, India, November 2017

  • Organic Integrity and traceability system for Kazakhstan

  • Check X - generic fraud prevention system

  • Olive Oil added to FederBio Integrity Platform, 11-2017, Italy

  • Study Mission: Enhancing Access for Agrifood Products

  • Check Organic Search Module

  • Long night of science

  • Successful uptake of Ecert Basic after launch at BIOFACH 2017

Integrity Insider August 2017

  • OTA and ACA Task Forces

  • Federbio Integrity Platform

  • Finance Module in Ecert Basic

  • IBD and Group Integrity

  • Check Organic

  • Solving the Olive Oil Mystery

  • FoodIntegrity Conference

  • OWC Workshop

  • Conferences and Fairs

Integrity Insider June 2017

  • Update on recent fraudulent grain imports to the US

  • Check Organic Interface with the NOP Database

  • Updates about the Federbio Integrity Platform

  • FoodIntegrity Conference in Parma

  • New to Ecert Basic: Customer Portal, Automated Notifications, and GEO Codes

  • BIOFACH/ Vivaness 2017

  • Ecert Basic training for CertAll

  • Ecert Basic client profiles: Biotropico S.A.S. and Mayacert

  • Meet us at the following conferences and fairs

Integrity Insider February 2017

  • Meet us at BIOFACH 2017

  • Our events at BIOFACH 2017

  • Check Organic wins again

  • Check Organic is growing

  • New to Check Organic: Data Exchange Portal

  • Ecert Basic training for CertAll

  • What's going on in FoodIntegrity

  • We're traveling - let's meet!

  • Group Integrity client profile: SINDAN ORGANIC

  • Meet us at the following conferences and fairs

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The leading Ukraininan organic certifier aims to strengthen confidence in organic products from...

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12 Jan 2016

The session will give an overview of and insight into various approaches tackling the problem of...

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9 Jun 2015
2 Mar 2015

Natural Products Expo West takes place March 4-8, 2015.

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23 Feb 2015

At BIOFACH 2015, the world’s leading only organic trade fair, Organic Services and Bionext, and...

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9 Feb 2015

Apart from presenting the real time certification data platform around the globe at multiple...

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8 Feb 2015
23 Jan 2015

Organic Services competes for the title of ‘National Public Champion’ in the year’s European...

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19 Jan 2015

The Sustainable Foods Summit will be hosted in San Francisco on 21-22 January 2015.

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6 Oct 2014
18 Aug 2014

The conference focuses on FUTURE CHANLLENGES: Sustainability, Quality, Integrity & New Regulation.

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16 Jul 2014

Check Organic as a cornerstone for safeguarding organic integrity

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25 Apr 2014

Gerald A. Herrmann, Director of Organic Services and co-founder of Check Organic will speak at the...

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11 Mar 2014
20 Feb 2014

Make an appointment with us at ACA meeting, GFSI conference and Expo West

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20 Feb 2014

Global interest in new tools and services

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8 Feb 2014

Organic Services Presentation at BIOFACH Congress 2014

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27 Jan 2014
30 Oct 2013

On the way to a global integrity platform

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