3 Jan

Positive Findings from Check X Feasibility Study

Organic Services has completed the Organic Grain, Olive Oil, Honey and Captured Fish Case Studies of the FoodIntegrity Study "Check X - Improving Supply Chain Integrity through Data Sharing"

As a part of the large European FoodIntegrity project, Organic Services (as Work Package 16) conducts a feasibility study about the potential of ‘Check X’ (‘Check Organic’) to better share information along the supply chain to prevent and detect food fraud.
In our Integrity Insider August 2017 we had reported in more detail about the Olive Oil Case Study. In the meanwhile, we have completed ‘Grain’, ‘Olive Oil’, ‘Honey’, ‘Wild Captured Fish’ and ‘Coastal Fisheries’. Fruit, vegetables, juices and meat were other commodities analysed, but not included into the study.

The report concludes: “From our feasibility study that examined Check X application in the organic grain supply chain, the olive oil supply chain, the honey supply chain, and the captured fish supply chain, we have drawn the conclusion that Check X can support companies with their food fraud risk mitigation measures: companies can apply the Internal Audit Compliance Management Module of Check X, the Supply Chain Monitor, and the Supply Chain Volume Monitor in their own supply chains in order to support existing fraud risk mitigation measures or put into effect new fraud risk mitigation measures. Additionally, we have concluded that system-wide application of Check X may enable authorities such as governments, the EU, business sector associations or certification scheme owners to more effectively detect and prevent fraud in the industry that they work in.”

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