16 Jan

New Release of Check Organic: Version 13

This version of Check Organic has integrated all modules of Check Organic more seamlessly, as well as includes several new features.

Enhanced Rights & Roles system:

The new version of Check Organic has further enhanced its rights and roles system, and now provides personalized entry points to the Check Organic Integrity Platform, improving data privacy:

·         Certification Portal
Traders can access Check Organic using the certification portal. This includes access to contact data, certification details, contract data, products, quantity balance, supply chain monitoring functionality with the module Supply Chain Monitor , mass balance functionality with the module Supplier Volume Monitor and much more.

·         Certification Body Portal
Certifiers can access Check Organic using the certification body portal, this portal lists the certification body’s own customers and enables certification officers to manage and import certification data. With the Supply Chain Monitor and/or the Supplier Volume Monitor, supply chain and mass balance information of own customers can also be tracked.

·         Admin Portal
Multitenant administrators access Check Organic using the admin portal, enabling additional features to support administrators in their daily work with managing supply chains, uploading data, managing users, managing products, a company search and much more.

Dynamic Supply Chains:

Another major enhancement is a result of the closer integration of the two Check Organic core modules “Supply Chain Monitor” and “Supplier Volume Monitor”. With the combination of both modules, supply chains can be created both statically as well as dynamically. For planning purposes, users can create supply chains manually by finding and adding suppliers and sub-suppliers from the global Check Organic data repository. Users can also book actual transactions in the Supplier Volume Monitor, and Check Organic then creates supply chains dynamically, based on that information. The dynamic supply chain lists visualize the actual business relationship between buyer and seller and the real-time integrity status of both based on the transactions booked and the resulting calculation of the mass balance.


Two new core functionalities are an important addition to Check Organic: the “Recipe” and “Transformation” functionalities allow for the inclusion of processing agricultural products into the mass balance calculation. Typical transformations might be the processing of olives to olive oil or the processing of cocoa beans to cocoa powder. Traders store the conversion rate (proportion) between olives and olive oil or cocoa beans and cocoa powder in a recipe. Certifiers can determine what expected processing yields are and use these conversion rates to determine the integrity status of processed products. The mass balance check is then used to ensure that artificial volume increases do not occur at the processing stage indicating the integrity status of the starting product as well as the integrity status of the processed product.

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