21 Jul

GIS data integration

A new module for Check Organic and Check Integrity

Already in the late 80's and early 90's, satellite data was used to control agricultural machinery, paving the road for so-called "precision farming". However, digitisation in agriculture only achieved a breakthrough with the acceleration of data rates. Today, a wide range of applications (geographic information systems (GIS) are being used by authorities, industries, and other interested parties to assess farming and provide services for agricultural production and animal management. Satellite systems provide a huge amount of raw data, allowing for a reliable detection of field boundaries  in the absence of land registers, the verification of acreage data, the collection of information on soil conditions (e.g. humidity), type of cultivation (crops, forests, pastures), rotation systems, pesticide use, and many more. Professional analyses and interpretation of this satellite data create significant added value for everyone involved in agricultural supply chains and thus present a valuable tool to fight fraud.

With the GIS data integration module in Check Organic/ Check Integrity, satellite data can be linked to certification data

Already today the module is a powerful tool to support certification bodies and authorities with:
- remote inspections: less/ no on-site visits needed
- collecting and rounding-up acreage data (e.g. exact location and size)
- verifying false/ incorrect acreage data.

In cooperation with a specialised satellite partner, Check Organic provides additional services on demand, underpinning the fraud prevention strategy of Check Organic:
- detecting and verifying quality standards (organic versus conventional)
- verifying crops and yields

Please contact us if you are interested in these services!

The GIS data integration in Check Organic/ Check Integrity thus provides processing and trading companies with reliable information needed to improve traceability and to comply with applied standard requirements starting from the field. Last but not least, the module delivers precise and unfalsified acreage and acreage usage data. This data combined with expected yield volumes is key to calculate a mass balance to detect inconsistencies. In Check Organic/ Check Integrity, all this information is used for a plausibility check, comparing the produced quantity with the traded volume of products along the supply chain. Assuming traders register their transactions, the flow of goods can be tracked from field to store and thereby ensure product integrity.

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Check Organic is a cloud-based supply chain integrity solution by Organic Services that brings together organic certification and supply chain data, enhancing supply chain integrity. Watch our 1-minute video and see how our Check Organic exposes criminals and fraudsters who want to get an undeserved piece of the organic market cake.

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