Check Organic Core Services

With its modular approach, Check Organic can help you protect your brand from a variety of supply chain risks. Check Organic’s different modules can be used complementarily or exclusively, with the opportunity to add additional modules to evolve with your business. Choose the Check Organic modules that will benefit your supply chain the most. Contact us for your customized offer and specific data queries. These modules include:

  • Check Organic Search:

    The SEARCH service of Check Organic supports you to find potential suppliers in a certain country selling a certain crop/livestock/product. With the Check Organic SEARCH service questions such as “Is supplier X currently organic certified and in good standing?” will be answered in real-time without the need to call certifiers to be more certain of a supplier’s status. It also helps you to overcome the challenge of determining a supplier’s current certification based on a dated paper certificate. 

    The data repository comprises data sources from several countries around the globe and currently holds about 150,000 certification data sets. USDA NOP supplier data is already available here, it is updated automatically every 24 hours via interface from the USDA Website. Other certification bodies like Organic Standard UA decided to upload their certification data via excel upload. The Check Organic data repository is growing constantly. However, the search function can display certification data from any other certification, such as Fairtrade certified, EU Organic, etc. – this is just a matter of data integration.

    As long as crop and acreage data is available from certifiers, the Check Organic SEARCH delivers detailed information on field level.

    Click on this preview of the search results and this preview of acreage details to see what the search results will look like once you have a login!

    Just contact us and ask for a free trial access.

  • List Management:

    Managing supplier lists to guarantee integrity throughout the supply chain is a challenging task for commodity buyers.

    Supply chains are often complex and there can be a lack of information with sub-suppliers remaining unknown due to issues of commercial confidentiality. This lack of transparency can lead to a risk for buyers. Commodity buyers therefore attempt to differentiate between more and less reliable and trusted suppliers to create a stable supplier base. Yet, buyers can find themselves in situations where they need to quickly replace supply that has become unfeasible, partially because certifiers dont pro-actively inform buyers of changes in certification status. Check Organic is a global integrity platform that provides various tools to help buyers keep current with the certification status of all their suppliers along the supply chain.

    With the Supplier List Management (VERIFICATION) tool it is easy to:

    • create and manage preferred supplier lists
    • monitor the certification status of the whole supply chain daily
    • select new suppliers for inclusion on the preferred supplier list
    • verify certification status on operation level and on crop level
    • prepare internal inspections and brief internal inspectors

    With the supplier list management tool, buyers have all relevant information available at a glance, reducing time and cost needed to verify current certification status. An automated alert system sends notifications anytime a certification status changes. The tool visualizes the certification status with a traffic light system, which is intuitive and allows for key information to be absorbed quickly by anyone. Green means Go, red stands for Stop and yellow indicates that there might be a need for clarification.

    Not only supplier lists can be managed in Check Organic, but also client lists.

    All lists can be exported to MS Excel for editing purposes outside of Check Organic if needed.

    Please click on the preview of a preferred supplier list and the preview of a detailed crop list to see what list management in Check Organic will look like once you have a login! 

  • Document/ File upload:

    Upload documents to your suppliers' data to fulfil compliance requirements

  • Data Exchange Portal:

    Check Organic clients and their suppliers can share essential data on a regular basis.

  • Supply Chain Monitor (Mapping/ Dashboard):

     Visualise your supply chain and get an overview of your suppliers' certification status via traffic light system in a dashboard view and/or as a static supply chain map

  • Transaction Monitor (Mapping/ Dashboard/ Sales & Purchase Analysis):

    Dynamically monitor your supply chain based on actual product movement complete with an overview and map - you can also filter and analyse transactions using individual criteria

  • Supplier Volume Monitor (Mapping/ Dashboard):

    Use mass balance to monitor that what goes in is what comes out at each step in your supply chain - the certification status of your suppliers and their products are brought together

  • Batch Traceability:

    Trace individual batches along the supply chain

  • Compliance Management (Internal audit):

    Internal Audit Management simplified through automated workflow management that guides you through the entire compliance process

Data exchange to other systems: All services can be integrated into ERP systems, depending on the capacity and technological status of the respective system.

In addition to these core services, Check Organic also offers complementary services. Please see a listing here.

Please see an overview of our services here.

Please do not hesitate to approach us NOW to talk about your goals and aspirations. For specific data queries and services contact our support and ask for an individual offer.

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