Bioland Markt-Assuring Organic Integrity

Application of the Check Organic Internal Compliance Module enables Bioland Markt traders to prevent fraudulent product purchases.

Business Challenge

The occurrence of fraudulent practices in the organic grain trade poses a risk to Bioland Markt’s business. To counter that, the organic trading company developed the quality assurance system ARGUS (...) Read more!

Organic Integrity Platform

A revolutionary organic integrity management solution based on Check Organic delivers mass balance checks for each and every company active in the organic grain trade in Italy, greatly limiting the threat of certification fraud in the Italian supply chain and growing trust in the Italian organic marketplace and Italin organic exports.

‘Organic’ challenged by fraud

Incidents of fraud with conventional product being intentionally passed off as organic product became so frequent in the organic grain sector that they put into question the very existence of the organic marketplace in Italy (...) Read more!

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