Enhancing organic integrity

Check Organic is a cloud-based supply chain integrity solution that brings together organic certification and supply chain data, enhancing supply chain integrity on two levels:

 1) Certification level - Certification data is stored in Check Organic and comes directly from the certifiers themselves, who ensure its accuracy

 2) Supply chain level - The movement of goods along the supply chain is documented, both statically and dynamically. Supply chain integrity can be enhanced by modelling supply chains (a static approach) and by documenting product movements via transactions along the supply chain (a dynamic approach).

Keying in on these two datasets brings greater transparency to organic supply chains and is unique to Check Organic. Check Organic provides you with the types of solutions you need to enhance your organic supply chain integrity in real time and on a global scale. Its different functionalities give you the flexibility to choose the solutions that best fit your needs.

Privacy and Data Protection

Protection and privacy of data is critical to you and us! Confidential data is protected by up-to-date safety standards. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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