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82327 Tutzing, Germany

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Gerald A. Herrmann, Director
Phone: +49 8158 92293 06
Mobile: +49 177 5521 460
Email: g.herrmann[at]
Skype: geraldherrmann

Frank Gerriets, Director
Phone: +49 8158 92293 04
Mobile: +49 163 8691 843
Email: f.gerriets[at]
Skype: frankgerriets

Annette Sutter, Project Manager
Phone: +49 8158 92293-07
Mobile: +49 151 64044402
Email: a.sutter[at]
Skype: annettesutter1

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Our Integrity Toolset


As a member of IFOAM Organics, we are connected to hundreds of organic organisations from around the world.

Within the Space2Agriculture network, we exchange ideas on how aerospace can facilitate remote inspections.

Through IoT4Food, we explore how to make the best use of digital data, sensor technology, and artificial intelligence.

EU Funded Projects