Welcome to Check Organic!

  • Do you certify organic farms, production facilities and traders?
  • Do you want to join the fight against fraud within the organic sector?
  • Do you worry that your certificates might get falsified and damage your reputation?
  • Do you want to improve your audit and inspection efficiency?
  • Do you want to increase your likeliness of successful accreditation?
  • Do you want to get ready for upcoming regulatory changes that require mass balance backed integrity?
  • Do you want to issue transaction certificates based on uniquely numbered transactions?

Then Check Organic is the right tool for you.

Benefits: Why should certifiers use Check Organic?

Protect your reputation.

As an organic certifier, you play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of the organic sector. By uploading data into Check Organic, you help to reveal food fraud at its very source whilst protecting your own and your clients' reputation. The platform goes beyond easily falsified, paper-based organic certificates by mapping product transaction data and linking it with your certification data in real-time. Based on the certified organic acreage, expected yield and actual trading and processing transactions, the system calculates a mass balance and checks the plausibility of produced and processed vs. sold organic quantities, displaying every supply chain party's integrity status via an intuitive traffic light system. Such plausibility includes first processing of raw materials, e.g. oil, powder, pulp.

Be safe. Go digital.

All your data is logically structured and centralised, allowing for efficient administration, quick and sound data analysis and providing meaningful reports, e.g. delivery overviews. With our GIS data integration module, satellite data can be linked to certification data and hence facilitate remote inspections, the collection and verification of acreage data, crops and yields. Digitising your certification data within the online platform prevents you from losing precious data, which is safely stored with an ISO-certified Austrian hosting provider. To secure your data privacy, your customer base cannot be viewed by competitors.

Be practical and economic.

With Check Organic, your administration as well as your audits and inspections become more efficient. The tool allows you to comprehend your clients' supply chain structures and their suppliers' integrity status before your inspectors are on site. During the inspection, they can then focus on detecting potential weaknesses right away, conduct mass balance calculations - that will soon enough be required by EU and US authorities anyways - and save precious time and money.

Be visible and connected.

By uploading your data into Check Organic, your organisation gains visibility within the industry. The platform allows you to connect to potential clients worldwide whilst displaying integrity and professionalism. Your accreditation bodies will appreciate your level of transparency, which will support smooth accreditation processes and boost your reputation.

How Certifiers use Check Organic

  • Access, manage and verify certification data via the Web Portal for Certifiers
  • Prepare efficiently for inspections with Check Organic Search
  • View your clients’ supply chain structures, mass balances and traffic lights at any time
  • Conduct mass balance calculations
  • Quickly verify and correct acreage data and expected yields if necessary

Ecert Basic

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Expert Insights

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