Benefits: Why should Processors use Check Organic?

  • Do you process organic products?
  • Do you buy your raw materials from organic farmers or farmer groups?
  • Do you want to protect yourself and your brand against fraud?
  • Do you want to prove credibility and improve trust towards your clients?
  • Do you want to be well prepared for external audits and inspections?
  • Do you want to ease your cooperation with retailers and buyers?
  • Do you want to grow your business and gain international market access?

Then Check Organic is the right tool for you.

Prove credibility.

Since organic products sell for higher prices than conventional ones, the organic sector is highly attractive for fraudsters. Check Organic offers you an easy-to-use online solution to prove that you are not one of them, and that you are willing to actively reveal food fraud at its very source. The tool maps and links certification and transaction data of organic products in real-time. Furthermore, it displays product transformations during processing, e.g. where olives are pressed to olive oil, whilst taking conversion factors into consideration.

Enhance integrity and make informed purchase decisions.

Based on the certified organic acreage, expected yield and actual trading and processing transactions, the system calculates a mass balance and checks the plausibility of produced vs. sold organic quantities, displaying your and your suppliers' integrity status via an intuitive traffic light system. With a few clicks, you can get an overview of complex supply chains and view your own and your suppliers' available product volumes. The system makes all information relevant for a purchase decision available through a comprehensive dashboard.

Be safe. Go digital.

If you are worried about false deliveries, mislabelling, additives, substitutes, dilution and contamination, Check Organic helps you to detect fraud within supply chains, reducing your risk profile and protecting your reputation. Your transparency and proficiency ideally prepare you for audits and inspections, even on short notice. Digitising your certification and transaction data within the online platform prevents you from losing precious data, which is safely stored with an ISO-certified Austrian hosting provider. To secure proprietary company data, your business connections cannot be viewed by competitors.

Be practical and economic.

With Check Organic, you minimise compliance problems and product recalls whilst saving money at the same time. The non-analytical approach to detect irregularities is much less expensive than extensive lab-testing. It further reduces your administrative workload by saving you precious time that you would usually need to check certificates or phone up certifiers in order to validate your business partner's integrity. If irregularities are detected, Check Organic's mapping tool makes it easy for you to get a quick overview of all parties involved in a product's supply chain, allowing for efficient communication and investigation.

Grow your business.

By uploading your data into Check Organic, your business becomes more accessible and visible to the industry. The platform allows you to connect to potential business partners worldwide whilst displaying integrity and professionalism. Your business partners will appreciate your level of transparency, which strongly differentiates you from your competitors.

Services and Solutions

  • Access certification, product and contact data via the Trading Web Portal
  • Identify, locate and approach organic business partners
  • Document and monitor your business relations and transactions
  • Gain control and detect fraud through mass balancing

Expert Insights

At a BIOFACH 2020 congress event which was organised by our director Gerald A. Herrmann, Gwendolyn Wyard, OTA Vice President for Regulatory and Technical Affairs, presented the OTA's Organic Fraud Prevention Guide. Read on...  

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During the same session, Beat Wiederkehr, general manager of YACAO, presented together with his consultant Roman Hipper why his cocoa company is a best practice model when it comes to transparency, traceability and accountability among grower groups. Click below for more information, videos and slides...

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Manage your suppliers

Do you buy raw materials from small-scale farmers? Discover our online-tool Group Integrity, improve your Internal Control System (ICS) and connect your data to Check Organic.