Product and Brand Integrity with Check Organic

In our last ‘Integrity Insider’ we have already reported about the significant scandal with soy and corn imported from Ukraine and Romania through Turkey to the USA. Miraculously, product sold as non-organic received a valid certificate on its transport to US markets. This is yet another of the very same scam we have seen in past years from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. There is a solution to prevent this to happen again. With Check Organic, you can start immediately proving the transparency and integrity of your supply chain in real-time. The cloud-based solution is ready-to use, you don’t have to tie up resources during a long software implementation process. Check Organic has a modular approach to choose and pick from. The different modules can be used single or in combination. Additional modules may be added once your business is ready. Choose the Check Organic modules that will benefit your supply chain the most. We will help you to find the best combination.

  • Central repository of your supplier data

  • Document/ file upload

  • Internal Audit Management

  • Verifications (single and lists with real-time traffic light system)

  • Supply Chain Monitor (Mapping and Dashboard with real-time traffic light system)

  • Supplier Volume Monitor (Mass Balance with real-time product integrity and dynamic graph)

  • Transaction Monitor (Mapping, Dashboard, Sales- & Purchase Analysis)

  • Notifications (e.g. push mails)

  • Data Exchange Portal

Check Organic can be easily embedded into your organisation through interfacing with your internal ERP system. In case you are working with tabular systems we offer a data portal and Excel upload. Confidentiality of data is protected by log-in rights and safe data hosting. It is challenging to map a company’s supply chains, especially when they are complex and global. We will assist you to start with the easier ones. With expertise you will be able to face the others as well. Our services include an implementation phase during which we help you organise data from suppliers and certifiers. In our next ’Integrity Insiders’ we will introduce modules of Check Organic in more detail.

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