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We are in constant exchange with various supply chain stakeholders, including certifiers, accreditors and authorities, to find the perfect fit for Check Organic. We are convinced that if our tool is combined in a multifactorial approach alongside other analytical, non-analytical and regulatory measures, eliminating organic fraud will be possible. Find here a selection of expert views on organic integrity, collected for you at BIOFACH 2020.

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3 Oct

Taking responsibility instead of pointing fingers: fraud prevention should be a collaborative...

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14 Sep

With our batteries fully charged, we start into a fall full of trade shows and conferences.

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11 Sep

We are looking for an organized and outgoing individual ready to support us with event management.

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10 Aug

In a recent article, Leo Frühschütz contemplates organic integrity and the role of data for...

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7 Aug
31 Jul

Let's talk about integrity software for grower groups and small, local certifiers.

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28 Jul
28 Jul

Yes, the Italians have figured it out! Check Organic to the rescue...

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26 Jul

Frank Gerriets and Gerald A. Herrman looking forward to sharing knowledge about Supply Chain...

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25 Jul

For Your Summer Reading Pleasure: Updates on Ecert Basic

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23 Jun

A wake-up call for the industry to take on greater responsibility?

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14 Jun

Organic Services brings you an Integrity Insider packed with information

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7 Jun

Check Organic has a new Interface to the USDA NOP Organic Integrity Database

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2 Feb

Organic Services looks forward to welcoming you at our booth at 1-653 at BIOFACH!

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1 Feb
11 Jan

Frank Gerriets is traveling to Berlin for both the Fruit Logistica Conference and the 9th Food...

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9 Jan
19 Dec

Organic Services wishes Happy Holidays!

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16 Dec

Yep, that's right - it's time to start thinking about BIOFACH again. We're excited about the...

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14 Dec

On a recent trip to Spain, Organic Services made further progress on its work package ‘Check X’ in...

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12 Dec

In this article, we take a look at how the EU's different geographic indication schemes work using...

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