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We are in constant exchange with various supply chain stakeholders, including certifiers, accreditors and authorities, to find the perfect fit for Check Organic. We are convinced that if our tool is combined in a multifactorial approach alongside other analytical, non-analytical and regulatory measures, eliminating organic fraud will be possible. Find here a selection of expert views on organic integrity, collected for you at BIOFACH 2020.

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Latest news
8 Jun 2016

The leading Ukraininan organic certifier aims to strengthen confidence in organic products from...

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12 Jan 2016

The session will give an overview of and insight into various approaches tackling the problem of...

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9 Jun 2015
2 Mar 2015

Natural Products Expo West takes place March 4-8, 2015.

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23 Feb 2015

At BIOFACH 2015, the world’s leading only organic trade fair, Organic Services and Bionext, and...

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9 Feb 2015

Apart from presenting the real time certification data platform around the globe at multiple...

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8 Feb 2015
23 Jan 2015

Organic Services competes for the title of ‘National Public Champion’ in the year’s European...

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19 Jan 2015

The Sustainable Foods Summit will be hosted in San Francisco on 21-22 January 2015.

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6 Oct 2014
18 Aug 2014

The conference focuses on FUTURE CHANLLENGES: Sustainability, Quality, Integrity & New Regulation.

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16 Jul 2014

Check Organic as a cornerstone for safeguarding organic integrity

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25 Apr 2014

Gerald A. Herrmann, Director of Organic Services and co-founder of Check Organic will speak at the...

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11 Mar 2014
20 Feb 2014

Make an appointment with us at ACA meeting, GFSI conference and Expo West

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20 Feb 2014

Global interest in new tools and services

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8 Feb 2014

Organic Services Presentation at BIOFACH Congress 2014

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27 Jan 2014
30 Oct 2013

On the way to a global integrity platform

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