11 Nov

Hablas Español o Parles Català? Article on food fraud operation from Organic Services published in Bio Eco Actual

Bio Eco Actual is an independent newspaper for the organic sector. Based in Barcelona, it is published monthly in Spanish and Catalan, but also appears regularly in international English editions for organic professionals. The newspaper is valued by many organic consumers, producers, distributors and retailers.

Organic Services has been active in the area of fraud protection for a long while already. In our press release "OPSON VIII operation: is this the way to target fraud with organics in the EU?", we reflected on the EU-wide operation OPSON VIII which has recently investigated fraud cases in the organic sector. Unfortunately, the organic label is still being misused, and the measures against this development don't seem to be very effective. The independent organic newspaper Bio Eco Actual has published our article in Spanish and Catalán in their November edition. Find the links to the online articles below.

We would like to thank Bio Eco Actual for sharing our thoughts and making them available to Spanish- and Catalan-speaking people.

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