13 Mar 2020

Check Integrity feature in Food Authenticity Network Newsletter

Check Integrity and Check Organic - our systems using mass balancing to detecting fraud in the supply chain

The March Newsletter edition of The Food Authenticity Network features an article about Check Integrity and Check Organic. The Network was set up in July 2015 by the UK government to help bring together those involved in food authenticity testing.

"Global supply chains, changing consumer demands and new technology offer exciting opportunities, but also face difficult challenges. This is especially true for high value products with claims regarding how they are produced, their origin and what they contain. Food fraudsters takes advantage of legal loopholes to make a profit by selling a lower value product for a higher price. Detecting this fraud can be as difficult as finding ‘a needle in the haystack’. However, if we focus more on the haystack, we might make it easier to find the needle." Read the full article here.