16 Oct 2019


We support the HONESTFOOD Campaign


We from Organic Services have been busy shaping the organic sector for more than 30 years. We fully support the HONESTFOOD campaign #EATHONEST which aims at motivating people to eat more sustainably. Every choice we make on what we buy and what we eat has an impact on our own health, on soils, plants, animals, the environment, the climate. Each time we buy organic, seasonal, local or fair trade, we vote for instead of against our planet.

But do labels always keep what they promise? One of our key activities at Organic Services is ensuring integrity and traceability. Therefore, we have created the platform Check Organic, which detects fraud within the supply chain with the help of acreage, certification and product transaction data in real time.

We want that your organic carrots are not pumped full of pesticides. That buying a locally grown organic courgette really supports local farmers. That the farmer of your fair trade bananas has really been paid a fair price. Are you a consumer? Then #EATHONEST. Are you an organic farmer, a manufacturer, a processor, a wholesaler or a retailer? Than be honest and show transparency.