6 Jul 2021

Latest news for grower groups and businesses sourcing from smallholders: read our Group Integrity Insider

Our topics: Revised EU organic regulation, New Group Integrity Implementation Partner for Oceania Pasifika, BIOFACH eSPECIAL review, new German law for fairer supply chains, Check Organic for farmers

The revised EU organic regulation that is supposed to come into force at the beginning of next year entails tighter rules for the certification of grower groups a threatening scenario for many smallholders around the globe. Will they be able to adjust to the new rules? Our software Group Integrity can help them to face the arising challenges – but how? This is one of the topics that we will cover in this newsletter. Moreover, we are pleased to introduce you to our new Group Integrity Implementation Partner for Oceania Pasifica, Caro Möller. We will further look back to this year's BIOFACH eSPECIAL, inform you about a new supply chain law in Germany and give you an idea how grower groups can use and benefit from our integrity tool Check Organic.

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