5 Jun 2020

World Environment Day 2020 - a call for change

COVID19 - just like any other crisis - drives change. Let us make sure that this change goes in the right direction, allowing people to make an honest living on which they can build a sustainable future within a healthy environment.

On today’s WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY, we call - once more - for systemic change. The first half of an extraordinarily challenging 2020 is nearly over: due to COVID19, we are in the midst of a worldwide crisis that scrutinizes health, social and economic systems around the globe. We have seen nation after nation reacting to a life-threatening emergency, taking drastic measures to protect people from becoming ill; limiting movement, travel and trade. Let us act as determined to fight the environmental crisis that our planet has been suffering from for many decades! Investment programs worth billions are now being put together on national and international levels, aiming to help economies to recover. It is crucial that this money is spent not only according to economical, but also to socio-ecological criteria, supporting sustainable communities and businesses above those that destroy our environment. Now is the time to invest in sectors such as renewable energies, sustainable production methods and digitalisation. Brussels is already sending the right signals, targeting for 25% organic farming by 2030, and budgeting for creating a greener and more digital Europe. We sincerely hope to see other countries and communities follow this direction.